Streamza Single Payment Plan – Unlimited

SparkmovieNovember 2, 2018

Torrent Streaming Is The Future
Streamza Torrenting is for you if…

You want to stream anything, anywhere, anytime. Yes, movies, music, and more…..
Want instant access to any content. No downloading required.
Are looking for a cable alternative
Wanting to ditch monthly payments to subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, etc…
– Get large torrents fast & securely, w/ your IP address hidden (No VPN is needed for privacy)
– Access your files from anywhere on any device with included Cloud storage space
– Search a massive, continually-updated Movie, TV Show, and Music library for any content you want. Literally anything is available

There are a number of risks associated with torrenting files, from viruses to having your IP address vulnerable, and Streamza eliminates them all. Allowing you to torrent large torrents fast, securely, and without downloading any additional programs, Streamza gives you complete torrenting freedom. With this deal, you get an unlimited number of downloads every month, so you’ll always be up on your favorite music, shows, movies, and more.

  • Build an instantly accessible content library without having to pay monthly subscription fees
  • Download as much as you want every month at lightning speed
  • Get large torrents fast & securely, w/ your IP address hidden
  • Includes 50 points allowing you to encode MKV/AVI into MP4 format for streaming in browser or downloading
  • Note that if a torrent is already an MP4 no points are required to stream it in browser
  • Access your files from anywhere w/ included Cloud storage – that includes on Roku, iPhone, Android, & more
  • Search a massive, continually-updated integrated library for any movie, TV, or music content you want
  • Connect w/ other Streamza users to see what’s popular




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